How Does Weather Cause Roof Damage?

How Does Weather Cause Roof Damage?The roof of your home is much more than just a protectant from weather. The roof provides structural integrity for your home by connecting the walls of your house. Roofing is constantly battling with Mother Nature, and after a storm you may notice some form of roof damage. A leaking roof can in turn cause many problems for your home, from interior water damage to a loss of stability in the walls if the damage is severe enough. After any severe weather event that may have resulted in a roof leak or other problem be sure to have a complete visual inspection of your roof completed to ensure there is no damage present, generally caused by the following.


One of the most common causes of major roof damage is from wind carrying debris. If something strikes your roof and knocks shingles loose or off you will likely find yourself with a roof leak. You may not be able to tell you have a leak right away without seeing the damage from the outside, but signs of a roof leak include black spots or stains on the ceiling where a slow drip through the roof to the attic floor may be occurring.


Heavy rainfall can overflow gutters which allows the rain to seep into the roof deck and shingles just above the gutter. This could cause major damage to the joints between the wall and the roof, which may lead to a compromise of structural integrity if the damage is not taken care of in a quick manner.


Another common cause of roof damage due to weather is hail. When rain freezes it can become very heavy, and when it is able to fall in the size of golf balls or bigger your roof is going to take a beating that could result in problems all over the roof.


A very real threat to your whole home is a lightning strike. A bolt of lightning could potentially start a fire. One way to help prevent this is to install a lightning rod.

After a heavy weather situation be sure to give your roof a visual inspection and if you have any inkling that there may be a some sort of damage seek a local roofer to inspect, diagnose and repair it. For professional roof repair in Salt Lake City reach out to Horizons Roofing. Our roof repair team can solve any issue suffered by your roof. We offer boy commercial and residential roofing in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (801) 918-2583 to request an estimate today.