How important is proper attic ventilation?

If you want your attic to be cool in the summer and dry in the winter, proper venting is essential. Attic Ventilation Prevents Condensation inside the attic and on the fragile plywood holding the shingles on the surface. When warm air hits cold surfaces, condensation happens. If you don?t have adequate attic ventilation, that warm air will condense on your roof rafters and plywood and begin to wreak havoc. Over the course of time it creates the plywood to be spongy when walked on requiring new plywood on part or all of the roof.

Condensation can cause the insulation to become saturated, reducing its effectiveness to keep heat in the house. Without proper ventilation to provide airflow, mold and mildew can develop, which can lead to health issues for your family.

Proper attic ventilation prevents damaging Ice Dams on Your roof as well. Our cold Utah winters can also cause ice dams to form. Ice buildup is much more likely to occur on your roof if you have poor ventilation in the attic. Ice dams develop when the heat of your attic space intersects with warmth from the sun to melt the snow on your rooftop. Then, when the temperature drops, the melting snow freezes again in the gutters. This results in water pooling under the roof shingles, which leads to leaks and water penetration on the roof deck and attic. The more serious ice dams result in actual leaks that show up in your ceiling.

Effective roof ventilation keeps the air circulating in the attic so that ice dams will be minimized. Proper attic ventilation also keeps your home cooler in the summer by allowing for the heated air of your attic to escape easily allowing cooler air to flow in to replace the hotter rising air. Horizons Roofing typically uses ridge vent which has been rated by consumer report to be the best roof ventilation system on market. We cut 2 on both sides of ridge at top of roof and put a roll vent over entire length of opened up ridge. This ridge vent is designed to let hot air out but keep water and other bug elements out. We put the traditional cap shingles over the ridge vent for a cosmetically pleasing result. The AC bills will always go down in summer with proper attic ventilation paying for the system within the first year of application.

Does your attic have adequate air flow? Horizons Roofing can evaluate your roofing system for issues that can cause damage, and make professional recommendations that will increase your comfort and save money on power bills.

We serve residential and commercial roofing clients throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Contact us today to schedule a roof and attic inspection to assess your attic ventilation. We will also let you know if you need more insulation by what is recommended in our region. Thirteen inches of blown-in insulation is minimum recommended in cold regions. Thousands of homes are inadequately insulated and ventilated. Contact the experts at Horizons Roofing at (801) 918-2583 to see if your one of them.