Is Metal Roofing Right For My Home?

If your home is due for a new roof you have likely discovered that you have plenty of options for materials. You have likely looked at composite and asphalt shingles, wood shake and perhaps even tiles, but metal may not be something you're as familiar with when it comes to roofing. Metal roofing, while it may have a larger upfront costs, boasts some extreme benefits over other roofing materials.

Longevity & Durability

Depending on the material used you can expect a metal roof to last between 40 and 70 years or more! This is because unlike other materials, metal will not rot or decompose when exposed to the elements that Mother Nature throws its way. Metal roofing is weather resistant and highly rated for fire safety.

Variety of Style

There are plenty of options when it comes to the style of the roof you'd like. Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and can imitate the looks of cedar shake, slate, tile, shingle or standing seam vertical panels. Whichever style suits you, there is a metal roof to match.

Good for the Environment

Many metal roofing materials are made from more than half of recycled products. Metal roofing can also generally be installed over existing roofing, which means you won't be adding anything to the landfill.

HVAC Cost Reduction

Metal roofing offers supreme insulation capabilities, which means you won't have to run your air conditioner or heater as often. Once your roof is installed you will quickly begin to feel the difference in the air and see it in your bills!

Long Term Investment

Many composite or asphalt shingle roofing materials need to be replaced on average every 17 years. By installing a metal roof you will likely never need to complete a re-roof again and you certainly won't have to worry about needing repairs!

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