Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Tips to Prepare Your Roof for WinterWinter is coming! As we enter the freezing months it is integral that you give your roof the attention it needs so that you can prevent leaks and other issues that are more likely to occur with the increased precipitation. In order to best prepare your roof for the time ahead you will want to reach out to a local professional roofer to allow them conduct some, or all, of the following winter roof maintenances.

Assess framework & flashing

By completing a professional roof assessment a roofer will be able to inspect the roof's framework. This will allow them to address any sagging or other issues in the framework that could lead to a leak or worse. During the inspection the professional roofer will also be able to check flashing, which is one of the most common areas for a roof leak to occur.

Examine shingles/tiles

The check will also allow the roofer to closely inspect the roofing material, which may be shingles, tiles or otherwise. Any cracked, loose material or broken shingles found by the roofer can be easily repaired or replaced as necessary.

Clear debris & clean gutter

To ensure that water can drain properly off the roof be sure that it is cleared of any and all debris on the roof itself, and be sure that the gutters are cleaned.

Check and replace sealant

Broken or cracked sealant around roof penetrations such as pipes and chimneys can result in roof leaks. A roofer will be able to look at the sealant to identify troubled areas and repair it as necessary.

Check the attic

The attic is often the first place that a leak will become apparent. An attic inspection will help detect leaks early. If you ever spot any signs of a leak, such as dark spots, wet spots or cracking in the ceiling, be sure to call a roofer right away.

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