Top Causes of Roof Damage

Top Causes of Roof DamageRoof damage can cause major problems for your home. If the damage creates even a small hole in the roof or lifts away shingles you can end up with interior water damage that results in mold, ruined drywall and numerous other issues, including the possibility of hindered structural integrity of your home. If you notice a leak, or signs of a roof leak, such as mold, black spots or water spots on the ceiling, a tangible drip, or visual damage to the roof, be sure to contact an expert roofer right away to have the issue resolved. But where does the damage come from?

Walking on the roof

Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should never walk around on your roof, no matter what type of roofing material your home uses. Walking on the roof is not only dangerous but it can result in cracked tiles or broken shingles if you're not careful.


All sorts of weather can result in roof damage. Rain, hail, wind and lightning can be very unfriendly to many roofing types.

  • Rain - Heavy rain can overflow gutters resulting in a backup of water that is able to seep into the roof shingles at the gutter level. This can cause wood rot and greatly affect the joints between the wall and roof structure inside the home.
  • Hail - Hail is more likely to cause structural damage to a shingle or tile roof. Broken tiles or shingles can allow water to soak into the roof and drip into your home's attic space, and eventually show up as stains on your ceiling.
  • Wind - A major issue with high wind is when it carries debris such as tree branches or other objects that strike your roof and damages large sections of shingles or tiles. However high winds can also rip shingles off the roof.
  • Lightning - One of the worst types of weather related damage is caused by lightning. While it isn't very common, it does happen and it can cause a lot more than just roof damage. To prevent a lightning strike consider installing a lightning rod on your roof.


Many roofing types, such as shingles, have an expected lifespan. As time runs out on that lifespan the roof is likely to show signs of decay. Before any leaks occur you will want to contact a roofer for a re-roofing estimate and installation.

Roof damage needs to be addressed immediately by a professional roof repair expert. If you need roof repair in Salt Lake City or the surrounding area you will want to reach out to Horizons Roofing. We service all types of residential and commercial roofs. To learn more or to request a quote from an expert roofer in Salt Lake City give us a call at (801) 918-2583 today.