Community Benefits

Community BenefitsWe at Horizons Roofing want to give back to the community in some way. We gift two new roofs per year to people in need. If you have a need for a new roof with circumstances saying that there is no way this can happen, then we will consider you for a new roof at no cost to you. Just send us your challenge and why you should be one of the two roofs we gift out. 2017 has two openings. Just after Thanksgiving of this year we will schedule you for your new roof replacement. Also if you need basic maintenance, we also gift for that as well. Let us know if you have missing shingles or a leak. We can do that fairly quickly as a way to express our appreciation for the community in which we live and enjoy.

Horizons Roofing is unique in that our primary motive for building a large roofing business is to give back in an impactful way by creating a facility called The Lighthouse Center. This is a Center that has some of the most powerful healing modalities on the planet that deals with the whole person. The physical, emotional and spiritual components of the individual. So, this is our 'Why' for building the most integral quality based roofing company in the state of Utah.

For more information on The Lighthouse Center, visit our website at LighthouseCenter.Life. For people that share a similar vision, we welcome you to join us. Our mission statement and core values will convey what we are about and if it is something that resonates with you. Feel free to sign up with us on the register page.

Mission statement: The Lighthouse Center supports peoples transformation on all levels empowering them to access & express their gifts to the world, allowing transformation on a global level to happen.